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Research Areas

The Department has a very strong presence in postgraduate education offering well established MSc degrees in the following areas of study:

  • Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation
  • Exercise and Nutrition Science
  • Food Science
  • Human Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Weight Management

The programmes listed above reflect the Department’s research interests and opportunities to study for a research degree (MPhil and PhD) are available within these broad areas. Each of the areas of research interest has roots in the need to provide research-based evidence to manage and act upon current world-wide concerns about lifestyle influences on health and public well-being.

  • The MPhil requires personal study on an individual research project over a period of one to two years full-time or three to four years part-time
  • The PhD involves a substantial period of personal research intended to make a unique contribution to knowledge in the area of study
  • The PhD requires three to four years full time study or five to seven years part-time

The Department 

Research projects may be conducted in on-campus laboratories, in the wider community or within the student’s place of work. The Department has a long history of successful research collaboration with commercial organisations and health services both within the UK and internationally. The Department has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research and a number of recent studies have capitalised upon this strength by adopting a mixed methods approach. All research students are supported by experienced teams of supervisors each led by a senior academic. In addition students are encouraged to participate in a range of developmental activities in order to enhance their knowledge and research skills.

Entry Months

These Research Degrees usually commence annually in October, February and May.


Interested individuals should contact the Department’s Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator, Professor Stephen Fallows to discuss the application process and the availability of appropriate supervision before constructing a formal application.

Prospective students will be asked to provide an indicative outline of their research interests in order to initiate the formalisation of a personally negotiated programme of research.