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Research in Chester Medical School is led by a large group of experienced biomedical and clinical researchers, providinges exciting opportunities for study - ranging from basic cellular/molecular science to clinical translational studies. We have the largest population of postgraduate students in the University – now totalling over 120, with representatives from all continents.

A number of external bodies collaborate with the School including: Countess of Chester Hospital, Betsi Cadwaladr Hospital, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital – Oswestry, and Veterinary Tissue Bank Ltd. These connections are further enhanced by links with other regional and international universities.

The Chester Medical School welcomes applicants to undertake research towards MRes, MPhil and PhD research degrees. The School’s research is underpinned by a diverse range of staff research interests and many national and international links. A number of staff are on international scientific committees and are on editorial boards of scientific journals.

Research students are welcomed into a vibrant research community with a weekly journal club that is open to all students, and we run a monthly seminar series with the Countess of Chester Hospital.


Chester Medical School has well-equipped, modern research laboratories, allowing us to analyse tissues and cells at the molecular level. The research facilities include: cell biology/biochemistry laboratories, containing tissue culture (including stem cell research), cell imaging (fluorescence microscopy) and flow cytometry facilities. We also have microbiology facilities, molecular biology laboratories equipped with PCR and RT-qPCR instrumentation and protein analysis laboratories containing SDS-PAGE and Western blotting equipment, including the automated WES system. Specialist facilities at Chester Medical School are supported by our academic and technical staff.

Research Areas

Current research topics include:

  • Molecules, Cells & Tissues Research - cancer biology, stem cells and tissue regeneration, detection of biomarkers of disease, cell signalling, pharmacology, membranes and drug delivery, molecular immunology and histopathology.
  • Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration Research Group – spinal injury, stem cell and tissue regeneration.
  • Chester Centre for Stress Research - is an interdisciplinary group with a focus on all aspects of stress analysed at molecular, biological, psychological and social levels. This includes cellular stress; extra-cellular heat shock proteins; clinical studies in Alzheimer’s disease; cardiovascular disease; cancer; diabetes and other diseases; and exercise and stress.

Entry Months

These Research Degrees usually commence annually in October, February and May.


We are particularly keen to hear from students who would like to undertake research in any of the areas highlighted above. For further information, please contact Chester Medical School Postgraduate Tutor (