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As a Social and Political Science Department we draw on interdisciplinary perspectives to inform both our teaching and research. You can find out more about the Department itself here, and more about the staff in the Department here.

Social and Political Science

Disciplines in the Department include:

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Politics
  • Psychological Trauma
  • Social Justice and Community Action
  • Sociology

SPS Division of Doctoral Study (SPSDDS)

We offer several routes for your doctoral studies:

  • Professional Doctorate (DProf) in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies
  • Professional Doctorate (DProf) in Psychological Trauma Studies
  • MPhil/PhD programmes, drawing on the inter-disciplinary nature of the social and political perspectives that inform the work of our Department.

Making an Application

For DProf applications, see here for information and details regarding eligibility.

We welcome applications for MPhil/PhD studies and are keen to receive applications that:

  • Are focused on aspects of social justice and injustice
  • Draw on the political, social and cultural aspects of policy, practice and human experience
  • Have the potential to draw on an inter-disciplinary expertise across the Department

We offer high-level support for all our students, including research support, individual monitoring of research development and progress, engagement in the wider Faculty and University research culture, as well as an opportunity to engage in group supervision, drawing on a wider expertise and perspective to help inform innovative and impactful research.

Applications through the application process and should be accompanied by a detailed 1500-word research proposal that broadly covers the following areas:

  • Key research focus or question
  • Rationale for the proposed study
  • How the proposed study is informed by social and political factors, including those of social justice and injustice
  • Ways in which the proposed study might be informed using an inter-disciplinary lens
  • An outline of your research experience and what you would hope to achieve through the proposed study