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Reporting and Support

If you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed unacceptable behaviour such as harassment, discrimination, sexual assault, abuse, bullying or hate crime, we are here for you.

You can make a disclosure by contacting the Wellbeing and Mental Health team, emailing by telephoning our central InfoPoint number to arrange an appointment on 01244 511550. Find out more about support options.

You can make a report to the University through the Proctor's Office. For University Centre Warrington students, please email For all Chester sites, University Centre Birkenhead and University Centre Shrewsbury, email

You can also report an incident using our centralised reporting tool which will allow us to contact you to discuss your options.

Alternatively, you can report anonymously; this does mean that we will not be able to get in contact with you to offer advice or support. Making an anonymous report makes the University aware that something has happened, which helps us to better understand the prevalence of these issues within our University community so that we can take positive action to address them.

It is important that you know, whatever you decide is right for you, your voice will be heard.

Report a Concern
Internal Support
External Support

Your Safety

Safe Spaces

We work closely with our partners to identify safe spaces within our community, so if you're ever in a situation where you feel vulnerable, you can visit any of these local businesses and you'll receive help and support. As well as providing immediate refuge, these safe spaces will be able to signpost or refer you to both external and University of Chester support services.

Safety app

To help to ensure your safety and protection, all students can download our brand-new personal safety app, Zecure. Zecure uses the latest cloud technology to turn your mobile device into a personal safety service. Download the app to:

Raise an alert - via three mode activation

Assign designated emergency contacts

Plan journey routes and notify others

Schedule a meeting

Report an incident

To access the app simply visit your relevant app store and search 'Zecure' using the access code CHEST22. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the registration.

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