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I am a priest in the diocese of Guildford and tutor on a Church of England training course for lay and ordained ministers. My research explores how women priests’ maternal guilt and suffering can be transformed through discovering its potential to imitate Christ.
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As a practical theologian, I was drawn to Chester with its fantastic staff team, many of whom are exploring exciting and relevant issues in contemporary society from theological perspectives.


My research looks at the experience of women priests and how they reconcile their identity as mothers, with all the social, cultural, and spiritual expectations and hopes that brings, with the call on them, as priests, to imitate Christ. I am particularly drawn to guilt and suffering, the difficult side of mothering, and exploring its potential to icon Christ’s vulnerability and kenotic suffering, which is ultimately redeemed and transformed. As a theologian and psychotherapeutic counsellor, I take an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on theology, psychotherapy, feminist studies, and sociology. I am also employing an autoethnographic approach, using my own personal experience as a lens into exploring the issues.