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Please click here for EAL Training provided by the Faculty of Education

Please click here for access to 'SECONDARY' resources

EAL Updates

EAL Update 2018 (Word document)
EAL Update 2019 (Word document)
EAL Update 1 (Word document)
EAL Update 2 (Word document)
EAL Update 3 (Word Document)
EAL Update Autumn Term 2022 (Word document)
EAL Update Summer 2023 (Word document)

Department of Education - Key Reading on EAL

EAL Migrant Children Integration (2019) (PDF Document)
EAL NALDIC Transition Guidance (PDF Document)
Welcoming Refugee and Asylum Seeking Learners (PDF Document)
Click here for a full list of links to Key Reading Materials

EAL Guidance on Assessment (2018-2019)

NALDIC Statement (PDF document)
NASSEA Briefing Paper (PDF document)
New Arrivals Guidance (PDF document)

Research in EAL

EAL Pupil Assessment Booklet (PDF Document)
Key EAL Research Grid (PDF Document)
EAL Research - Achievement Gap Closes for EALs (Word Document)
Cummins' Models of EAL Pedagogy (Word Document)

Strategies to Support EAL Learners

EAL NALDIC Strategies (Word Document)
Supporting New Arrivals In Your Classroom (Word Document)
Classroom Strategies To Support New arrivals (Word Document)
EAL In Science - Resource Ideas (Powerpoint Document)
Wigan Primary Starter Pack Activities (PDF Document)

Key Pedagogy in EAL

EAL Translanguaging Slide (Powerpoint Document)
Online EAL Lecture (Powerpoint Document)
WIDA: Guiding principles of Language Development (PDF Document)
Bell Foundation: Principles underpinning EAL Pedagogy (Website)

Developing an EAL Policy

Bell Foundation: Guidance on writing a language policy (Website)

Early Years Phase Specific EAL

Subject Specific Resources

Teaching Science From NALDIC (PDF Document)
Science And EAL From NALDIC (PDF Document)
Science In Year 5 From NALDIC (PDF Document)

Helpful Links:

You may find the resources listed below useful in your teaching.


Web Links:

Learning Village
Across Cultures
NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum)
Collaborative Learning
Schools Online
Languages without limits
Reading Recovery
Oxford Reading Tree Talking Stories
Enchanted Learning
BLEN (Bilingualism Languages/Literacies Education Network)
Online dictionary assisted tool for English language learners



Faculty of Education Research

International, practice-based research projects from the RECAP Centre at the University of Chester.

Ukranian Arrivals to UK Classrooms

Please click here for resources for Ukrainian arrivals to the classroom which Associate Teachers might find useful on placement.