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Jessica Jones

Poems embed your life and energy like a eulogy,
A summary of you
That no one else can view
Other than for that discrete few
Who see the world as you do.

They break down your words and chew
But never bite down and frown
Because they’re just the same as you.
Despite being more distressed than your jeans
And your genes, those same proteins
That make you feel unseen, which is obscene.

When in a gathering of Even-Stevens you can’t seem odd
So you just nod
As they tell you to ‘tone it down, turn up, Turnitin’
These proper people who appropriate apologies
When you’re already on your knees for their ideologies.

We want change, not tips,
Cos if paper money only leads to paper greed
Then why do I need this paper degree to succeed?
And if there’s no interior a scientist touched before a poet
Then we’re already the greatest minds
and the world needs to know it

Or am I still interrupting?