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Studying Sport and Exercise Sciences

The Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chester has a long tradition in delivering physical education and sports science degrees. Our undergraduate courses offer a diversity of approaches and educational opportunities, delivered with a balance of theoretical and practical skills.

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Sports Week

Sports Week is an online event featuring talks and workshops delviered by the academic staff from out Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Originally deliviered live in June 2021, recordings of our 'Sports Week' sessions can be viewed via the links below and cover the following subject areas: Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, Fitness testing & use of lab equipment Sports Psychology and Sports Sociology

Sports Week sessions are aimed at post 16 A-Level PE and BTEC Sports students and teaching staff and are designed to provide a 20 -30 minute session to complement some common curriculum topics.

Session Title & Link Session Details

Anatomy & Physiology - Watch the session recording

Physiological adaptations to exercise 
Curriculum links:  The cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular systems and how they respond acutely, both structurally and functionally, to the stress of warming up and immediate physical or sporting activity.
The Physiological effects of climate and/or altitude.
Curriculum links: Preparation for performance at altitude, in heat or in humidity,  Exercise and altitude, Altitude training.

Biomechanics - Watch the session recording

Kinematics and kinetics of movement (incl. lab demonstrations)
Curriculum links:  Newtons Laws applied to sporting movement, Analysisng movement through the use of technology; Force plates.
Fitness testing with VO2 max - Watch the session recording Response to exercise: Measurement of VO2max (Lab based assessment)
Curriculum links: VO2max, Methods of evaluating aerobic capacity, laboratory test of VO2max using direct gas analysis, Factors affecting VO2max.
Sports Sociology - Watch the session recording Sport & Social Class: Polo & Pimms or Football & Fosters
Curriculum links: How social and cultural factors shaped the characteristics of, and participation in, sports and pastimes. Characteristics of society and impact on sporting recreation. 
Sports Psychology - Watch the session recording Motivation
Curriculum links: Types of motivation, Individual differences, task/ego orientation.

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