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If you’ve found yourself here, there’s a very good chance you’ll be interested in what our academics have to say! Our ‘Expert Explains’ videos are a short look at subject-related questions, concepts and theories presented by specialists in their field. Maybe you’ll come across a topic you’re well up on, or perhaps you’ll find out about a whole new area of interest.

An Expert Explains... Why Athletes Self-Handicap

Dr Carmel Edwards, Senior Lecturer of Sport and Exercise Sciences and Psychology at the University of Chester, provides an insight into why athletes self-handicap.

An Expert Explains... Social Class and Sports Participation

Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester, Dr Andrew Scattergood, analyses the link between social class and sports participation.

An Expert Explains... Optimising the Movement of an Athlete

Professor Paul Worsfold, Senior Lecturer of Sports and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chester, explains how to optimise the movement of an athlete.