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Sociology of Sport

Gethin Foulkes: Primary PE.
Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green

Emma Healy: A critical examination into the ways preschool children, parents and practitioners engage with discourses related to health, bodies and physical activity.
Supervisor: Dr Nollaig McEvilly, Dr Daniel Bloyce

Hannah Hook: Experiences of selfie culture.
Supervisors: Dr Nollaig McEvilly, Dr Ian Pritchard

Patrick Foss Johansen: The sporting and leisure biographies of Norwegian youth.
Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green

Sonia Lal: Physical education and the transition from primary to secondary schooling.
Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green

Sean Reid: The lifestyles of elite youth athletes: A sociological study.
Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green

Anne Thompson: A sociological analysis of organizational change within sporting organizations: A case study.
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Bloyce, Prof. Ken Green

Chris White: A sociological analysis of active travel as health promotion policy.
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Bloyce, Prof. Miranda Thurston

Applied Sports Sciences

Alan Chorley: Recovery of Wprime in endurance cycling.
Supervisor: Prof. Kevin Lamb

Emma Cropper: Injury surveillance in Touch rugby
Supervisor: Prof. Craig Twist 

Matthew Fairbank: The training practices of elite rugby league players.
Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Dr Jamie Highton 

Claire Mulvenna: Understanding the role of video feedback within the coaching process: The need for portable video technology as part of the training and match day activity in soccer.
Supervisors: Dr Edd Thomson, Dr Daniel Bloyce, Prof. Craig Twist

Chelsea Oxendale: Fatigue in team sports and implications for injury.
Supervisors: Dr Grace Smith, Dr Jamie Highton, Prof. Craig Twist

Aman Shergill: The use of micro-technology for monitoring training and match loads in professional soccer.
Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Dr Jamie Highton 

PhD Completions since 2014

Neil Gibson (2020): High speed running and repeated sprinting in male academy football players. (Supervisor: Prof. Craig Twist)

Nick Dobbin (2020): The utilisation of the Rugby League Athlete Profiling battery for assessing the anthropometric and physical characteristics of rugby league players. (Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Dr Sam Moss, Dr Jamie Highton)

Linda Røset (2019): Physical education and mental health in Norway. (Supervisors: Prof. Ken Green, Prof. Miranda Thurston, Prof. Lorraine Cale, Dr Thorsteinn Sigurjonsson)

John Fernandes (2018): Muscle damage and recovery in older athletes. (Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Prof. Kevin Lamb)

Tom Mullen (2018): An investigation of the efficacy of simulated team game match-play. (Supervisors: Dr Jamie Highton, Prof. Craig Twist)

Andrew Scattergood (2017): How working-class kids negotiate working-class physical education: A sociological study. (Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green)

Luke Jones (2016): Primary school physical education in England and Wales. (Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green)    

Lee Wilson (2016): The leisure lifestyles of university students. (Supervisors: Prof. Miranda Thurston, Prof. Ken Green)                       

Emily Lovett (2016): Delivering an Olympic legacy in Britian's second city? A sociological analysis of legacy policy implementation in Birmingham. (Supervisor: Dr Daniel Bloyce)

Graeme Law (2016): Pay and conditions in professional football: A sociological analysis. (Supervisors: Dr Daniel Bloyce, Prof. Ivan Waddington)

Jonty Norris (2015): Quantification of physical contact and its influence on performance and recovery in rugby players. (Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Dr Jamie Highton, Dr Stephen Hughes)

Rebecca Mead (2015): Working strategically to improve health and reduce health inequalities: a sociological study of one public health system. (Supervisors: Prof. Miranda Thurston, Dr Daniel Bloyce)

Nicola Cahill (2015):  A three-season analysis of positional demands in elite English rugby union. (Supervisors: Prof. Paul Worsfold, Prof. Kevin Lamb, Dr Jamie Highton)

Edward Thomson (2015): The development of a simulation protocol for amateur boxing. (Supervisors: Prof Kevin Lamb, Dr Ceri Nicholas)

Simon Bicknell (2015): The 14–19 PE curriculum in England and Wales. (Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green)

John Fry (2014): Life in the Travelling Circus: A sociological analysis of the lives of touring professional golfers. (Supervisors: Dr Daniel Bloyce, Dr. Ian Pritchard)           

Sharon Wheeler (2014): The role of parents in the transmission of sporting, artistic and educational capital. (Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green)

Samantha Moss (2014): The physical, physiological and performance characteristics of English youth team handball players. (Supervisor: Prof. Craig Twist)

PhD Completions before 2014

Robbie Connell (2013): A biomechanical analysis of upper-extremity plyometrics applied to the dynamics of sporting movements. (Supervisors: Prof. Paul Worsfold, Prof. Kevin Lamb, Prof. Craig Twist.)

Mark Waldron (2013): A longitudinal analysis of performance, growth, and maturation in youth rugby league players. (Supervisors: Prof. Paul Worsfold, Prof. Craig Twist, Prof. Kevin Lamb)

Dean Burt (2013): The effects of exercise-induced muscle damage on endurance performance. (Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Prof. Kevin Lamb, Dr. Ceri Nicholas)

Jamie Highton (2012): Multiple-sprint sport exercise and carbohydrate-protein ingestion in humans. (Supervisors: Prof. Kevin Lamb and Dr. Ceri Nicholas.)

Chris Platts (2012): Education and welfare in professional football Academies and Centres of Excellence in England and Wales. (Supervisors: Dr Daniel Bloyce, Prof. Kevin Lamb)

Steven Cock (2012): The development of swimming as a competitive sport in England from the nineteenth century onwards. (Supervisors: Dr Daniel Bloyce, Prof. Kevin Lamb, Dr Ian Pritchard)

Mike Morris (2012): The prediction of maximal oxygen uptake from perceptually regulated exercise. (Supervisors: Prof. Kevin Lamb, Prof. David Cotterrell, Prof. John Buckley)

Kjersti Mordel-Moen (2011): A case study of physical education teacher education in Norway. (Supervisor: Prof. Ken Green)

Christine Foster (MPhil, 2011): Factors affecting small-sided game demands among high-level junior rugby league players. (Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Prof. Kevin Lamb, & Dr Ceri Nicholas)

Dave Sykes (2011): The development of a novel rugby league match simulation protocol. (Supervisors: Prof. Craig Twist, Prof. Kevin Lamb, Dr Ceri Nicholas)

Andy Smith (2006): Young people, sport and leisure: A study of 15–16-year-olds. (Supervisors: Prof. Ken Green, Prof. Miranda Thurston, Prof. Kevin Lamb)