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Our team of Student Scholars have created subject ‘booster’ videos, to provide pupils with additional educational resources across a range of subjects.


Discover how you can bring contemporary dance to the comfort of your own home.

Join Grace and learn what contemporary dance is and engage in a short exercise to experience the dance style for yourself. This video contains modifications of each move, and is accessible for pupils of all dancing abilities.

Who is this video for? – KS3 pupils.


Much Ado About Nothing

Join Shannon and increase your understanding of Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, as this video summarises the play’s synopsis and explores Act 1 in more detail. Become more knowledgeable in the play’s main themes and how they link to the context of the time of its creation.

Who is this video for? – KS4 pupils.


Understand and evaluate the Multi-Store Model of Memory.

Join Madeleine to discover the ways you can incorporate the Model into your own revision techniques, and how academics have used case studies to expand their knowledge on this structural model.

Who is this video for? – GCSE pupils.


Prokaryotic Cells vs Eukaryotic Cells

Be able to define and distinguish between prokaryotes and eukaryotes through this short, but highly educational video by Modupe. Appreciate and recognise the similarities and distinct differences between the cells, and discover examples of organisms with the cells. 

Who is this video for? – KS4 pupils.

Theology and Religious Studies


Join Rachael and explore the origins, beliefs and practices of the alternative religion, Rastafari. Participate in interactive activities as you learn about key information, terms, and the influential individuals who helped establish the Rastifarian religion. 

Who is this video for? – KS4