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The Volunteering Team at the University of Chester can provide charitable organisations and other volunteer providers the opportunity to recruit student volunteers, through our Volunteer website. The Team can also provide guidance and advice, and also opportunities to advertise to students on campus via our events.

Part of the University's mission is to “provide all its students and staff with the education, skills, support and motivation to enable them to develop as confident world citizens and successfully serve and improve the global communities within which they live and work”.

Recruiting a student volunteer from the University of Chester means that not only will you be giving students the opportunity to develop a range of skills, but you will also be recruiting students who want to improve the community around them.

If you are an external organisation and would like to advertise volunteer opportunities to University of Chester students, please register on our Volunteer Website.

  • Please note, we can only advertise opportunities where the activity takes place within the UK and are for a non-profit organisation.

To register, please follow the link above to set up a profile on our volunteer database. Once this has been set up, you can manage your volunteer opportunities, and these will be advertised to students using the website. On here you will also find How To Guides to assist with the process.

Once you have registered your volunteer opportunities, interested students will be able to contact you directly to express their interest and get involved. We will also keep you updated with any information about upcoming events, awards and other news!

We can also meet with a representative from your organisation to discuss your volunteer opportunities and how these can be advertised to students. If you would like to arrange a meeting please do get in touch