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Wellbeing and Mental Health team

Attending University is an exciting time, but there can also be times of stress and anxiety. The Wellbeing and Mental Health team  provides practical information, advice and guidance to all students at the University of Chester across all campuses.

We can help with:

  • making the transition into University life
  • offering dedicated support for commuting students, international students, mature students (over 21), care experienced students, estranged students and carers
  • homesickness
  • understanding academic procedures
  • managing relationships and reducing/resolving conflict with others
  • exploring your options so you can make informed decisions
  • exam stress
  • financial problems
  • pregnancy support
  • mental health concerns
  • substance misuse
  • support following an incident of sexual misconduct
  • support following domestic abuse
  • ways of combatting low mood
  • strategies to reduce worry and anxiety
  • concerns over not eating or overeating
  • overcoming general struggles with University life
  • options regarding withdrawing from University
  • combatting feelings of isolation
  • sleep problems
  • feeling out of control
  • concentration issues
  • concerns about another student
  • support following suicidal thoughts or self harm

Please seek support by emailing us for either advice or to make a telephone or face to face appointment with a Student Wellbeing Adviser or you can access information and advice from our Information Point located in Binks 005.

"Please seek support by emailing us for either advice or to make a telephone or face to face appointment with a Student Wellbeing Adviser."

Your wellbeing at University is important to us. We offer group wellbeing sessions on a variety of topics including stress management, looking after your mental health and achieving a healthy study/life balance. Where appropriate, a referral can be made to a Mental Health Adviser and there is also a Student Counselling service available to all students at the University. If you are worried about money whilst studying with us there is useful information on our financial support pages

For more information on wellbeing and mental health, we have a support section on the University of Chester app.


Our service is confidential; however there are rare exceptions where confidentiality will not apply as we always act in the best interests of the student. For more information on confidentiality you can read our Privacy Statement