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Student Conduct

The Proctor has responsibility for the investigation of all reports of student misconduct. Reports can come from staff at the University, members of the public and other students.

If you are experiencing behaviour which is affecting your wellbeing, you can contact the Proctor’s office for some advice and guidance.

Student misconduct is dealt with under the Student Disciplinary Procedure

We ask that all students should familiarise themselves with the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Complaints

The Proctor has responsibility for the management of student complaints against the University. The Proctor encourages complainants to initially attempt to resolve issues informally and can offer advice and guidance on achieving this if necessary.

There is a formal process for students to make complaints against the University and you can find the procedure in the Student Policies and Guidance section on Portal.

If you would like further information on making a complaint please email or call Chester 01244 511 559 or Warrington 01925 534 206

Student Safety

As a student away from home you may feel quite vulnerable. Statistically 1 in 3 students become the victim of crime each year, however you will be pleased to know that the University of Chester has been ranked the 5​th safest University in the North West of England (Complete University Guide). The University will do it's best to assist you in ensuring that you and your property are safe in and around the campus, however you have to do your bit as well.

Chester and Warrington are relatively safe places to be. Don't be a statistic. Staying safe is all about following a few common sense guidelines.

  • In a hall of residence be careful who you let in or who follows you in. Lock your bedroom door even if you are only going down the corridor.
  • Thieves are after an easy target, walk in groups at night, travel by taxi or stay with friends, your safety is worth more than the cab fare home.
  • Use well lit streets to walk home. Don't use alleyways or the City Walls.
  • Use cash machines during the day if you can. Never write down your PIN number. Be vigilant.
  • Many thefts take place via an open door or window. Make sure they are shut when you go out.
  • Lock your car and put valuables out of sight. Don't leave the keys in the ignition when paying for petrol.
  • If your phone is stolen do you know how to immobilise it before someone else runs up a huge bill for you? Call your network or 08701 123 123. Make a note of its IMEI number (can be found under the battery or by dialling *#06# )
  • Mark your valuables with a UV marker. Using the postcode from your home address is a good idea.
  • Alternatively many of your possessions can be registered on the Immobilise Website
  • Don't leave drinks unattended - to prevent spiking

University is a life changing experience - Be sure the change is the one that you have some control over and KEEP SAFE.

Enjoy your time here with us.

More safety tips and advice can be found at:

Community Liaison

The Community Liaison Manager (CLM) is tasked with positive engagement with the Chester community.

The CLM responds to requests from the community for engagement from the University and works closely with partners in Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cheshire Constabulary and Chester Residents’ Associations.

The CLM also works with partners within the University to develop community engagement projects on behalf of the University and communicates with the local community on relevant matters.

As students you have a positive impact in the local community in terms of volunteering, charity events and enrichment of the diversity and culture in the local area. You are, for example, the nurses, social workers and teachers of the future.

The University recognises that it is a community with a significant part to play in the wider communities in which it is located and that its obligations to its students extend to these wider communities

The CLM is also responsible for to responding to complaints from local residents concerning student residents’ behaviour in the local community and particularly with complaints concerning the behaviour of student residents in private rented accommodation.

If you have a community engagement project that you would like the CLM to help with please feel free to get in touch.

The Community Liaison Manager can be contacted on or on 01244 511 023

We also have a University of Chester Community Liaison Facebook pag

Getting in Touch

Students can access further information as follows:

  • Face to face at our Information Point on the ground floor of Binks CBK005 in Chester and in Martin WMA012 in Warrington.
  • By emailing to
  • By telephoning: Chester: 01244 511559 or Warrington 01925 534206