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The University of Chester defines anyone who has the same home and term-time address as a commuting student. We recognise that students may be commuting for a number of different reasons and we want to make sure that commuting students can get the most out of their university experience.

To support commuting students, we have developed guides for each campus containing information on services available as well as answering any queries that a commuting student may have. If you would like to receive a guide then you can email us on

We have asked some of our current commuting students to provide tips and guidance for new students who will be commuting to University. In no particular order, these are:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and recharge before a session starts, otherwise you will be tired and won't get much out of the session.
  2. Leave your phone in your bag when you sit down in a lecture and strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Use the library or coffee shop and chat to both staff and other students in social areas. Get involved in societies or become a representative for your course.
  3. Use your time wisely, especially if you commute by train or bus. Use that time to get work done or prepare. Also, don’t worry too much, I found that prior to starting University I panicked thinking that the commute was going to take over my life but I found it quite pleasant in the end.
  4. Do a practice run of your commute or give yourself more time than necessary the first few journeys to know how traffic can be at different times.
  5. You can do it! You may sometimes feel that you are the odd one out but it is surprising how many people commute, you can always stay at a friend’s accommodation or pay for a University room for the night.
  6. Try and find someone you can car share with to save money on travel. I know of two others who did this and saved money as they lived close to each other.
  7. Try and interact with your course mates, as it makes group projects a lot easier and helps build your friendship groups. Definitely try and spend time with friends outside of University, where you can, even if it's just a drink at the Student’s Union before going home.
  8. If you are able to, try and stay behind after your lectures or seminars have finished for the day. Whether that is going to the library or cafes to meet friends as this will help you to feel part of the University community.
  9. Attend Freshers’ Fair and events, join clubs and societies so you have things to do and people to meet on days when you have spread out lectures. Get involved wherever possible, you will feel like a part of the University a lot more.
  10. Bring a travel mug with a hot drink, this will save you buying at least one hot drink during the day.

If you do have any queries about your studies at the University of Chester then please get in touch by emailing