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Being “estranged” means that you may have permanently lost contact with your relatives due to a number of possible reasons. If you are 25 or under, a home student and have been irreconcilably estranged from your family for more than 12 months then the University may identify you as a Young Estranged Student. If you have received support from your Local Authority, at some point, then you may be eligible for the Care Experienced Support Package instead. Information on this package can be found here

The University of Chester recognises that those who are estranged from their families may find the transition to university challenging and therefore have developed a support package to help estranged students make the most out of their time at University. This support package includes:

  • A link member of staff acting as an academic liaison and support with assessment extensions, if suitable
  • Providing help to access the various services offered by the University and key members of staff within certain departments
  • Access to support from the Careers and Employability team
  • Access to a peer mentor who can help with any pre-arrival queries that you may have
  • A link member of staff to talk to if there is any personal, financial or academic issue you have concerns about
  • Help to secure 365 days a year University accommodation for the duration of your course
  • A 50% discount on University owned accommodation options throughout your studies
  • Easy access to financial help and guidance, including the University’s Bursary Scheme and the Financial Assistance Fund

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in further detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing

We also offer bespoke visits for any Estranged Students who have made an application to the University of Chester or are considering Chester as a place to study. During this visit we can discuss support that is available to students, have a campus tour and arrange to meet with the relevant academic departments also. If you would like to arrange this visit then please get in touch by emailing

The University of Chester is a signatory of the Stand Alone Pledge, you can find out more at