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Company and Job role:

Welocalzie, my job title is Manager, Global Marketing and Sales Support

Did the course help you to achieve your goals?

I believe it did yes, I loved learning and studying about all the marketing mistakes that have happened and even with large blue chip companies! My lecturer Tony Bithell always said being a consultant or working in the marketing industry but liaising with companies on cultural etiquette and cultural differences would be a great job and with lots of opportunities. As this was something I was already interested in I naturally sought topics and research around this.

What made you choose Chester?

The location, the city, the course! At the time of registering only Chester and one other University offered me what I wanted, the years work experience in industry. The friendly staff on the open day really helped me decide that Chester was where I wanted to be.

Were there any unexpected highlights of the course?

Yes - the experiential placement at the end of second year. Most courses offered work based learning but as part of the International business course we could partake in experiential learning. I got the chance to go to Costa Rica for 6 weeks which has been one of the most rewarding, life changing experiences of my life! Definitely a highlight!  Another one was being awarded Undergraduate Business Student of the Year by my lecturers. This was a fantastic award to receive especially in the final year as it really helped motivate me through my dissertation.

I also had the opportunity to work in the states for a year at Walt Disney in Florida and studied through Central Michigan University which I was invited to visit. I had an amazing year out there. I made some great international friends, learnt how a large successful global business manages its diverse workforce and learnt invaluable customer service skills. I gained credits for my studies abroad and got to travel ALOT whilst I was out there experiencing new things and learning more about the diverse culture in America - this was a huge conversation point when interviewing for my job with Welocalize (an American company).

Were your tutors helpful?

I loved the open door policy with lecturers and how nothing was too much.  Even if you had a silly question you weren't treated like it was silly.  Every year when new modules had new tutors - each and everyone was helpful - I still keep in touch with a few since I left.

What was your greatest success in your time at Chester?

Meeting and knowing the people I did - the lecturers, my friends, passing with first class honors and getting onto a Master's program.

Have you any advice for future applicants? 

The University of Chester is a fantastic establishment - make the most out of it - join societies, learn a language, work somewhere you wouldn't have thought you could - push boundaries and never stop learning - I wouldn't be where I am now without the help, support and knowledge that I learnt from this course and the University.