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Short courses and programmes leading to undergraduate and postgraduate awards are generally organised into three distinct areas of delivery:

Centre for Professional & Economic Development

CPED is an interdisciplinary Centre, one of the largest of its kind around the globe, offering negotiated, work-based learning programmes across the professions including nursing and health care (non-clinical), education, and business, leadership and management. CPED received a special commendation by the UK body for Higher Education quality, and was showcased to all UK universities including Oxford and Cambridge by the UK funding body for Higher Education.

From the workplace to a degree? Get the recognition you deserve

From a short course to a full degree - did you know that short courses and professional qualifications can give you a head start to achieving your dream degree?

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Education and Children's Services

Offers professional development for teachers, teaching assistants and graduate professionals in the children's workforce.

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Geography and Development Studies (GDS)

Attend an affordable Continuing Professional Development course led by experts and researchers in the field to improve your knowledge of flood modelling & resilience. Leave the course with CIWEM accreditation and CPD Service certificate of completion and access to University of Chester resources for up to three months.

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Health and Social Care

We offer a range of courses and modules to enable you to continue your professional development and achieve further qualifications in your field.

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