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Payment options

There are three options for paying your fees:

  1. In full by debit or credit card before the start of your first module.
  2. Direct Debits over 9 monthly instalments.

  3. Direct Debit in 3 instalments ( November, February and May)

  4. By a sponsor.

Option 1 - Full payment by debit or credit card

  • Full time postgraduate students will have their fees generated during the online enrolment process and should pay online by entering their card details when prompted.
  • Part time postgraduate students will not have their fees generated during online enrolment. An invoice will be raised and sent to you after enrolment has been completed and should be settled in full upon receipt.

Option 2 - Direct Debit

Direct debit payment is available only where total fees exceed £250.

If you wish to pay by direct debit, you will need to choose this option and complete the Direct Debit Mandate when you enrol online. You will receive a letter showing your schedule of direct debit payments at least ten days before your first payment. The 9 monthly instalments will be taken on 28th or next working day of each month from October to June. If you apply late and miss the first instalment date, the number of direct debit instalments will be reduced accordingly.

Option 3 - Sponsorship

If you are being sponsored you will need to enter the name of your sponsor when you enrol online. You MUST send a letter of authorisation or a purchase order from your sponsor to the Finance Department. We will then invoice your sponsor directly. A letter or purchase order is required for each academic year of study. The sponsor will be invoiced for the full amount of their sponsorship for the academic year and this is payable in full on receipt of invoice. If we do not receive confirmation of your sponsorship, you will be held personally liable for the fees.

Failure to make prompt payment may mean you are denied access to library and computing facilities and could result in suspension from studies until such time as the outstanding amount is paid. A student who attends more than one session of a taught module will be liable for the full fees for that module.

Refund Policy

Please see our Student Fees withdrawal Policy 2021/22 for more information.

Distance Learning Modules

Distance learning modules are non-refundable. Once study packs have been received or online study materials have been accessed, full fees are due for those modules.

Cancelled Modules

If you register for a module that is subsequently cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund but this will not be given automatically. You will need to request a refund in writing from the Finance Department.


Module prices do not include any provision for the costs associated with reassessment. If you are required to undertake a reassessment there will be an additional charge.

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding your financial arrangements, please contact the Finance Department on 01244 512071 and ask for the fees ledger or email