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Chester Medical School
April 1, 2020

COVID-19: Lockdown and Self-isolation Explained

Dr Kate Harrison and Dr Gareth Nye of Chester Medical School, bust myths about COVID-19, explain why we’re self-isolating and the idea of ‘flattening the curve’.

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study skills
March 31, 2020

Academic Support at the University of Chester

At Chester, there’s lots of academic support and modern learning facilities available to help you though your university journey. 

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Posted by Lindsey Cheers , HE Adviser
March 27, 2020

Stay Connected

All a bit strange this, isn’t it? At a time like this, we need ways to connect to our loved ones more than ever. Here are some ideas.

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Posted by Katie Gaffney , HE Adviser
March 24, 2020

A New Route into Policing at Warrington

With the recent enrolment of all new police officers needing a degree to enter the profession in England and Wales, now is the time to better understand your pathway into policing.

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