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Dina Robinson

I am a contemporary dance artist delving into the field through choreography, performance, teaching and research. I was classically trained in ballet before studying at the University of Chester myself on both the BA and MA Contemporary Dance programmes of which I found a love for low flying technique and somatic practice. My career has taken me to perform at a variety of places including the Royal Albert Hall in London and have been fortunate for my choreography to be performed at the Storyhouse in Chester and the NOW Northwich Festival 2019 under Kinematic Dance Company, which I co-directed. Most recently my practice has revolved around the notion of touch and its holistic nature as it augments individual moving identity, bodily listening and spontaneous experimental play. This authentic process is something I aim to support and develop throughout my career within myself and other aspiring dance artists.

I took on the role of Workshop Leader for Performing Pathways as it meant I would be able to gain experience collaborating with artists from other disciplines and recognise how the creative industry can support learning and acquisition of knowledge. Not only this, It would provide me with an insight into how a business runs and provide me with transferrable skills for future jobs in regard to budgeting, marketing, leadership skills, commercial awareness and problem solving.

Holly Roberts

As a Popular Music Performance graduate, it may not come as a surprise that I am a musician! I am primarily a singer and enjoy writing songs. I take inspiration from my surroundings and my own emotions with regard to the music I enjoy. I find music a means of communication where words do not work, or do your feelings justice. ‘Where words fail, music speaks’ - Hans Christian Anderson. Aside from performing, I am interested in the therapy-side of the Arts industry and have worked alongside both young children, through instrumentation lessons and workshops, and with Alzheimer's and Dementia sufferers. I think I connect with the innocence and vulnerability of both groups and feel a desire to alleviate any emotional pain, and just enjoy that very moment and be completely present. I also aspire to complete a Popular Music Master's degree here at Chester in the future and continue my journey into the professional industry.

Here at Performing Pathways I have been given a first-hand experience of what it’s like working Freelance which is extremely useful to someone in this artistic field like myself. It has given me an in-depth experience in marketing by running social media pages and enhanced so many of my transferable skills such as organisation, time-management and leadership. It has also provided me with many new abilities such as event-planning and financial budgeting, which are all useful and will contribute to any future endeavors.