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Here you will find information on student life with lost of advice and guidance to help you with your decision and prepare you for the next step towards your future career.


Getting to know the University jargon

Use the form below to familiarise yourself with Univeristy jargon and see what you alredy know. It will help you throughout your studies and provide you with infomration on opportunites you may not have been aware of.

Jargon Buster


University packing checklist 

Here you will find out packing blog with a checklist of things you need to pack to go to University which you can tick off to make sure you feel prepared and organised. There is a list of essentials and then extras you may want to think about and this isn't to say everything on this list needs to be bought beforehand, for example you may want to wait till you get there to see if you need it or you aren't sure you need it yet. 

Packing for University blog



Click on the links below to watch some short TikTok's full of advice and guidance.

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What to pack for University (Part 3)

How to make the most of University

Instagram VS Reality (Part 1)

Instagram VS Reality (Part 2)