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Course Title Campus Study Option Start Date
Applied Psychology BSc (Hons)
Clinical Counselling MA
Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies: High Intensity Training MSc, PGDip
Community Policing and Criminal Investigation BSc (Hons)
Counselling Skills (Combined) BA (Hons)
Criminology BSc (Hons)
Criminology (Combined) BSc (Hons)
Doctor of Professional Studies (Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies / Psychological Trauma) DProf
Economics (Combined) BSc (Hons)
Economics and Business BSc (Hons)
Family and Child Psychology MSc, PGDip, PGCert
Gender Studies MRes
International Relations (Combined) BA (Hons)
International Relations BA (Hons)
Policing, Law and Investigation BSc (Hons)
Policing, Law Enforcement and Security MSc
Politics BA (Hons)
Politics (Combined) BA (Hons)
Psychological Trauma MSc
Psychology BSc (Hons)
Psychology (Combined) BSc (Hons)
Psychology (Conversion) MSc
Sociology BSc (Hons)
Sociology (Combined) BSc (Hons)
Sociology of Sport and Exercise MSc
Therapeutic Practice for Psychological Trauma MSc, PGDip
Animal Behaviour and Psychology
Biology and Psychology
Chinese and Politics
Counselling Skills and Drama and Theatre Studies
Counselling Skills and Psychology
Counselling Skills and Sociology
Counselling Skills and Theology and Religious Studies
Criminology and Counselling Skills
Criminology and English Literature
Criminology and Forensic Biology
Criminology and French
Criminology and Geography
Criminology and Psychology
Criminology and Sociology
Criminology and Spanish
Criminology and Theology and Religious Studies
Drama and Theatre Studies and Psychology
Economics and Chinese
Economics and French
Economics and Geography
Economics and German
Economics and History
Economics and International Development Studies
Economics and International Relations
Economics and Law
Economics and Law (Combined)
Economics and Politics
Economics and Sociology
Economics and Spanish
Education Studies and Sociology
English Language and Psychology
English Language and Sociology
English Literature and Psychology
English Literature and Sociology
Forensic Biology and Psychology
French and Sociology
Geography and Psychology
History and Psychology
International Development Studies and Sociology
International Relations and Chinese
International Relations and French
International Relations and Geography
International Relations and German
International Relations and History
International Relations and International Development Studies
International Relations and Law
International Relations and Politics
International Relations and Sociology
International Relations and Spanish
Journalism and Criminology
Journalism and International Relations
Journalism and Politics
Law and Criminology
Law and Psychology
Natural Hazard Management and Psychology
Politics and Criminology
Politics and English Language
Politics and English Literature
Politics and French
Politics and Geography
Politics and German
Politics and History
Politics and International Development Studies
Politics and Law
Politics and Sociology
Politics and Spanish
Politics and Theology and Religious Studies
Psychology and French
Psychology and German
Psychology and Sociology
Psychology and Spanish
Sociology and Spanish
Sport and Exercise Sciences and Psychology


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Social Sciences News

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , Senior Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator
January 17, 2018

Importance of economics in the current Brexit environment

We are connected with economics all the time, even if we don’t realise it. When we think of which cereals to choose for our breakfast or when we make decisions about where to spend our holidays, or simply when we decide between going out for a meal or staying at home, the rationale behind those thoughts is related to economics. Do we have enough ‘income’ for a holiday abroad or will a modest camping week have to do? Can we go for the fanciest cereals or can we only afford the basic supermarket brand?

Posted by Shai Vure , HE Adviser
December 8, 2017

Psychology students observe the animals at Chester Zoo

Each year, the Animal Psychology students go on a trip to Chester Zoo where they have the opportunity to see behaviours in action in a variety of fascinating species and to collect some data in a mini-project designed in teams. This year, one of these teams, led by Tom, provided a taste of the day. 

Jack Mason
Posted by Jack Mason , HE Adviser
March 31, 2017

April Fools' – The Art of Deception

With it being April Fools’ Day tomorrow we asked Clea Wright, one of our Psychology lecturers, to give us some hints and tips on how to spot someone who’s being less than truthful and trying to pull the wool over your eyes.