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Course Title Learning Site Study Option Start Date
Creative Writing (Combined) BA (Hons)
Creative Writing: Writing and Publishing Fiction MA
English (MRes) MRes
English Language BA (Hons)
English Language (Combined) BA (Hons)
English Language and Linguistics MA
English Language and Literature BA (Hons)
English Literature BA (Hons)
English Literature (Combined) BA (Hons)
Gender Studies (MRes) MRes
Journalism BA (Hons)
Journalism (Combined) BA (Hons)
Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture MA
Storytelling (MRes) MRes
Chinese and English Language
Creative Writing and Drama BA (Hons)
Creative Writing and English Literature
Creative Writing and History
Creative Writing and Journalism
Drama and English Literature BA (Hons)
English Language and Creative Writing
English Language and History
English Language and Journalism
English Language and Sociology
English Literature and French
English Literature and History
English Literature and Psychology
English Literature and Sociology
Journalism and English Literature