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The Decarbonisation Management Group (DMG) is comprised of representatives from across the University departments and is chaired by the Director of Estates & Facilities. The DMG is comprised of staff from across the University including representation from Support Services, Academic Faculties and senior management, and is responsible for the implementation of initiatives and experiments to reduce our CO2 emissions across all our activities.

The DMG is responsible for measuring, monitoring and reporting on the University’s environmental impact as a result of its activities including education programs, energy and water consumption, transport, waste, procurement and supply chain. It regularly reviews the targets and assesses progress towards net zero targets on an annual basis and reports to senior management.

97% of the University’s carbon emissions derive from the energy (gas, electricity, steam, petrol, diesel) consumed throughout the estate. Waste (1.4%), Transport (1.3%), Water (0.3%) contribute to the remaining 3%.

The University has implemented and completed actions identified in the Carbon Management Plan 2011 including: the removal of an oil fuelled boiler, review of the transport fleet composition, operational energy conservation and efficiency measures, the installation of solar panels, installing sub-meters to individual properties to provide more detailed data for monitoring purposes, behaviour changes and recognition at awards. . The University currently purchases all of its electricity from carbon free sources and has installed over 400kWp of solar panels that provide electricity to 15 of our buildings.

The University is developing its next Decarbonisation Plan with plans to publish this year. This plan will set out a pathway to decarbonise the University’s activities and will aim to be net zero carbon by 2030, to ensure our actions align with scientific data as required to keep global temperatures from increasing by more than 1.5°C. The Decarbonisation Plan will be a working document reviewed and updated annually by the Decarbonisation Management Group to reflect the changing environment and the innovative technology solutions that become available to enable the transition to a low carbon future.