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Parts of the University have already started to implement a recycling initiative known as ‘Bin the Bin’, this is where bins have been removed from staff offices and lecture rooms within certain buildings. The aim of the initiative is to make staff more aware of the waste they generate, where they have the responsibility for disposing of their waste. It will hopefully encourage people to think about the amount of waste that they are producing, as well as increasing the amount that is recycled.

Staff are required to give up their individual ‘waste’ bins and take their waste to the nearest communal recycling bin, where they can segregate their waste to maximise the amount that is recycled. Staff are provided with a desktop recycling bin to collect their waste but are required to empty this themselves at the nearest recycling bin.

This is an idea that has been implemented at other Universities and businesses with great success. The sites/buildings that are already taking part in Bin the Bin generally achieve a higher recycling figure then those that use individual waste bins.

For further information please see the Frequently Asked Questions below, or you can contact the University’s Waste and Recycling Officer, Sam Hay


Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)


1. Why do we need to recycle our waste?

The University is committed to reducing our environmental impact and has committed to reducing the amount of waste that the University creates, and increase the percentage of waste that is recycled. The waste we produce not only has an environmental impact, but also has a significant financial cost. The Waste Management Strategy outlines in detail the University’s aims towards waste management can be found here.


2. What can be recycled?

An in-depth A-Z of what can and cannot be recycled can be found here. The below poster shows what items can be put into the general recycling bins we have located around each site.

3. What do the recycling bins look like?

The University uses several different bins depending on location. The bins you will generally see in and around campuses are the split recycling bins pictured below. Please make sure that all materials placed in the green mixed recyclable compartment are empty, clean and dry.




4. What do I do with items that can’t be recycled?

Any items that can not be recycled should be placed into the general waste side of the bin. The University is working on a variety of ideas to try and find ways to start recycling waste streams that we are currently unable to.


5. Who empties all the waste/recycling bins?

Domestic Services empty the communal waste and recycling bins and transfer the contents to the external bins ready for collection by our waste contractor. If a member of staff chooses to have a desktop recycling bin it is their responsibility to take it to the nearest split bin and segregate their own waste.


6. What do we do if we feel we need more recycling bins?

If you feel that there are not enough recycling bins close to you, then please email the Waste and Recycling Officer and let him know where you are. He may be able to relocate a bin closer to you, or if not, we can look at purchasing some more if the use warrants it.


7. Is there anything we can do to recycle glass and food?

Yes. We have bins onsite for both glass and food at various locations. Unfortunately, not all campuses currently have facilities on site to recycle glass and food but this is something which is under consideration. Please contact the Waste and Recycling Officer to find out whether you are able to recycle your glass or food.