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In 2017 the University began working in partnership with Bren Bikes, a local social enterprise, to provide bikes and promote cycling as an alternative option for getting to/from and between campuses for staff and students. Bren Bikes provide affordable maintenance and repair of bikes in addition to affordable bikes refurbished by the team at Bren Bikes. 

There are many ways you can get involved and support this partnership including:

  1. If you have a bike in your shed that you keep promising to ride? Would you like to bring it in and get it checked over and serviced? Keep an eye on the events page for details of the next session or email Green Chester
  2. Do you have a bike in poor condition? Would you like it fully refurbished ready to ride? Again, Bren Bikes can help and advice what it would cost to bring your old bike up to standard ready to ride.
  3. Do you wish you had a suitable bike to get riding again? Bren offer many refurbished bikes for sale for between £30 and £100 and you can try one out for a few days before committing yourself if you haven't ridden for years.
  4. Have you an old bike in your shed that you will never ride? If so, then why not donate it to Bren Bikes so they can refurbish it for one of our staff or students to use.