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About 71% of the earth is water, it is vital to the existence of all life on earth. Globally water is a valuable and precious resource that is needed for drinking and agriculture. Wasting water impacts on catchments which are already stressed and although not all catchments in the Dee Valley Water area have water quality issues, it is good practice to encourage everyone not to waste water.

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Water Refill Station
Water Refill Station

We endeavour to improve the metering and monitoring of water consumption across the estate and to work with our water suppliers to identify opportunities. Notices in bathrooms and kitchens remind staff and students to report any leaks or dripping taps to the Facilities Helpdesk to minimise unnecessary wastage.

In 2017/18 the University used 112, 602, 206 litres of water equating to 38.7 tonnes CO2.

Over 30 water refill points have been installed across all University sites including outdoor near sports facilities, to provide water freely to staff, students and visitors to the University also reducing the number of plastic bottles consumed on site. In July 2019 over 450,000 water bottles had been saved.

During construction and refurbishment work, the Estates Projects team, ensure that sustainable drainage and flood prevention measures are installed when retrofitting and refurbishing the estate. Via a planned maintenance programme gutters and drains are regularly cleared to prevent flooding.