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As a major local business, and as part of the wider national Higher Education sector, the University of Chester’s procurement decisions also consider the environmental, social and economic impact of activities through design, material selection, manufacture, transportation, usage and disposal options of the goods and services required.

The University’s procurement policy aims to mitigate the effects that the University’s activities have on the environment, and to use our purchasing power to create positive impact. To achieve this, we will:

  • Support local skills and capabilities

  • Seek to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions across our estate and projects under our control

  • Embed zero waste thinking in all aspects of our operations and supply chain

  • Aim to procure products directly or through our supply chain from recognised responsible sources

  • Audit the University’s spending in order to identify, and where possible, encourage best practice across our supply chains

  • Encourage and persuade suppliers to operate better production processes, supply more environmentally friendly products and help spread improvements throughout the supply chain

  • Provide guidance and training to encourage staff involved in purchasing to adopt more sustainable purchasing policies to reduce costs and the environmental impact of goods and services we buy

  • Consider suppliers’ environmental performance and whole life costs