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We aim to embed sustainability within all decision making and service delivery. Achieving our targets requires each and every one of us, staff, students and visitors to take action. We run a number of initiatives and campaigns to encourage behaviour change across the University, until sustainability becomes what we do. Find out more how you can get involved via the tabs below.

Student representation

The representation of students across committees and planning groups is important for development across the university. There are many committees that include student representatives.

Students’ Union representatives are a part of:

  • Business Continuity
  • Health, Safety and Environment Committee
  • Warrington Project planning
  • SU will also be present in estate planning committees.

Space management is an important topic and the Students’ Union have held their own planning meeting to discuss space needs. There has also been student input during business planning meetings, where capital and space requirements was a key theme. A group of students are currently undertaking a project, Build-a-Bridge, to inform building and space designs in the new city centre sites at Warrington.

Recently, student representatives have been involved in the Student Experiences Committee, during which topics around International Student Journey and Disabled Student Experience have been discussed.