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The greatest impact we can have to create a just and sustainable world for present and future generations, is through educating our students about the sustainability challenges and opportunities that face society. Our work to embed sustainability into the curriculum, supports the University's Citizen Student strategy of wanting to empower our students to become engaged citizens with the confidence to act for a more sustainable future in an increasingly uncertain world (Annual Review 2020, pg. 13)

Responsible Futures

We were part of the NUS' Responsible Futures pilot programme in 2014/15 and worked in partnership with Chester Students' Union to create an enabling environment for sustainability to thrive. We endeavour to bring together academic disciplines to create opportunities for students to work collaboratively and develop the skills and knowledge required to be part of the solution to our social, economic and environmental challenges. We continue to use the Responsible Futures framework to embed sustainability in the curriculum. The University acheived Working Towards Responsible Futures Accreditation following the student led audit in June 2020. 

At the University of Chester we adopted the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Education for sustainable development guidance (2021) definition, which defines it as:

"the aim of supporting students from any discipline to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to develop values and take actions to transition society towards sustainable futures"

At the University of Chester ESD is related to the:

  • Curriculum  developing skills in responsible management, ethical consideration and sustainable development;
  • Campus carbon management, key sustainability impacts and sustainable food;
  • Community workers' rights, ethical investments and partnerships;
  • Cultures auditing of systems, human resource management for sustainability, empowering staff and student engagement.

See Teaching Sustainability for examples of student projects linked to sustainability.