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Developing the 2022 - 2030 Travel Plan

The University’s travel plan is currently being developed to provide a comprehensive strategy for the University in its entirety, for the period 2022 - 2030. It includes University-wide objectives and targets, an action plan for delivery of a range of measures and details the monitoring mechanisms we will use to chart our progress. The successful delivery of the travel plan will ensure that we are not only improving our environment by reducing vehicular emissions, localised congestion, and improving air quality, we are also maximising the accessibility of our campuses and buildings for the University community both now, and in the future.

Let's Talk Transport

The ‘Let’s Talk Transport’ group invites staff and students from across the institution to voice their opinions on sustainable travel provision at the University and more broadly within Chester.

The group aims to provide staff and students with an opportunity to contribute to the development of the University’s Travel Plan. We want to understand the opportunities and challenges that are associated with different forms of travel, for commuting and business travel and what would make that transition easier. The insights from this group will feed up to the Transport Steering Group and contribute to the development and implementation of the 2022 – 2030 Travel Plan.

Attendees will learn about how the University is working actively to improve its sustainable travel infrastructure. This includes our engagement with Cheshire West and Chester Council to realise our mutual commitment to achieving Net Zero and reducing emissions.

The Let’s Talk Transport group will invite members from local interest groups to speak on the practicalities and support available in switching to travel via sustainable transport modes.  If you are interested in joining, please email Jade Cox.

Travel Steering Group

The role of this steering group will be to ensure the successful integrated creation, communication, and delivery of the 2022-2030 Travel Plan. The group comprising key stakeholders from across the institution, aims to better facilitate sustainable transport options across the University.

Greenway Gate

Our Greenway Gate provides access to the University directly from the Millennium Greenway. The Millennium Greenway cycle path connects to several cycle routes through the city and cycle routes between sites are available too.

The Greenway Gate is located at the back of Exton Park Campus. This makes journeys for cyclists and walkers a lot easier and safer. The gateway, officially opened on Wednesday 12 November 2014 by Alice Irvine, Sustrans Area Manager, was funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.