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We’re passionate about teaching at Chester and we hope you are too. Teaching is a profession that offers you a great training bursary and an excellent starting salary; however, these shouldn’t be the only factors that motivate you to get into teaching.  Of course, it’s great to have these fantastic financial rewards in place, but teaching is a career that is far more rewarding than what you take home each month.

Inspire the next generation

Education is important for all of our futures. As a teacher, you'll have a pivotal role to play in shaping the next generation. You’ll have the opportunity to be a role model with the ability to develop your students’ talents. You’ll be able to maximise their potential, enabling them to achieve something they thought they never could.

Make a real difference

Your students’ success will be what drives you on. Of course, some students will succeed more easily than others but the feeling of accomplishment in seeing your students grow in confidence and ability will be what makes the job worthwhile.

Nurture young minds

The potential of young minds is incredible. A good teacher is able to raise a students' curiosity so that they’re not just learning; they’re questioning, debating and taking a real interest in what is being taught. A good teacher is also able to reach out to those who sometimes struggle to understand a concept, because they know there’s nothing more rewarding than when that student suddenly ‘gets it’.

Gain great job satisfaction

Teaching is a highly rewarding career path. By choosing to become a teacher, you’ll be choosing to work in an energizing environment with an array of personalities to engage and motivate. With fresh challenges to tackle on a regular basis, there will never be a dull moment. Each day will be different and you’ll gain a great deal of satisfaction in helping your pupils to grow and develop. With starting salaries in the region of £22 - £27K and some fantastic progression opportunities, teaching can offer you that vibrant career you’ve always wanted.