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Departmental Teaching Plans for 2022-23

All* the University’s courses are designed around in-person study based on our sites. This comprises lectures, seminars and practical classes where you develop your knowledge and skills with your peers. Community is a big part of university, so our teaching approaches support and promote social learning for our students – a vital cornerstone of our Citizen Student Strategy.

Our innovations and investment enhance student learning using digital technologies. The use of technology for teaching is tailored to each subject area, giving you the best opportunities to both develop and showcase your learning. Just a couple of examples are the use of virtual reality to learn about medieval objects in history and our simulation suite to teach patient care in health sciences; these digital technologies really add another dimension to learning for our students.

Most of our courses also include online learning activities, which are developed by academics as an essential, additional element of your course. In 2021, the University was awarded the Whatuni? Student Choice Award for Excellence in Digital Innovation, showcasing our dedication to providing a genuinely valuable online learning experience – so make sure you engage with these online activities; you can complete them where and when suits you. In addition to this, in-person classes may be recorded by teaching staff and made available later, meaning you can review the content as part of your independent study time, whenever you need it.  

*Except those designed for fully online delivery and study.

Two student sitting at a table in a laboratory looking at each other

We are committed to offering the best blend of in-person and online learning experiences across all our subjects and courses. We use research evidence about learning and best practice in higher education teaching to develop our annual department teaching plans. These teaching plans are also developed with input from our students on how they best engage with their learning through the different methods of teaching delivery we offer.