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Prospective students with an offer to start in September 2020 (updated 16 June)

Science and Engineering are forward-thinking disciplines and 2020 has presented us with opportunities to think differently about how we deliver these highly relevant subjects.

We are constantly evolving our curriculum to respond to the needs of society and the modern workforce. The times we are living in are a perfect example of the need to anticipate change and adapt to changing circumstances.

So, when a planning decision meant that Thornton Science Park’s use for educational purposes was to become more restricted, and the pandemic brought much of the planet to an abrupt halt, our minds had already been focused on the next big project for the Faculty.

We are scientists and engineers and we thrive on challenge and innovation.

Our Faculty is introducing new and exciting apprenticeship programmes, extending our existing curricula into future engineering and embracing online learning as part of the mix.

We are further aligning our teaching and research around the themes of sustainability and addressing the climate emergency, which have been our priority areas since day one. And our academics are working closely with the blue-chip companies on our doorstep to address these real world challenges.

Anyone who chooses to embark on a STEM degree at the University of Chester will receive a transformative student experience, with a strong employability element to it. Your role is to make your mark on the world. Our role is to help you get there.

I am delighted to say that the Faculty will be operating from the central Parkgate Road Campus, in Chester, from summer 2021.

This is where the teaching and laboratory work associated with all our courses will be based, in a dedicated facility in the heart of our main campus - next to all the amenities you enjoy: catering; learning resources; shops; sports facilities; students’ union; Student Futures etc. and closer to most student accommodation.

Thornton Science Park will still host the Research and Development elements of the Faculty. We will also continue to benefit from the close relationship we have with the companies based at Thornton and the surrounding region, including those in emerging technologies, which enhances your skills development and potential career opportunities.

We expect to be in our new facility in Chester by September 2021. Formal teaching at Thornton Science Park will cease in March 2021 and move to a blended model of online learning and face-to-face classes in Chester for the remaining few weeks of term, following the Easter vacation.