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  • Ensure Technicians can access student information to accommodate specific learning needs 
  • Explore options to raises the profile of Technicians e.g. uniform/lab coats/lanyards enabling them to be identified more easily by students/staff  
  • Invest in Glass Manifestation Statements to make Technicians more visible to students/staff
  • Create and communicate generic technician helpdesk email addresses for each department; thus, improving response rate and student experience
  • Physical Environment - ensure visibility and storage space is optimal and whether any improvements are needed/can be made
  • Establish a Central Technician Hub/dedicated platform on the University’s intranet to support/facilitate Professional Registration; Networking; Events; access to useful resources
  • Facilitate Technician Photo and Profile information on Portal and on Corporate Website; to include information about their roles; latest kit; expertise
  • Create space for Technician Photos and Profiles to be displayed in main department entrances
  • Include activities/achievements more often in the staff Forum Magazine
  • Invite Technicians to present at annual Teaching and Learning Conference and Research Conferences
  • Establish an internal annual Technician Conference/Networking event which will also provide an opportunity to celebrate achievements
  • Acknowledge the contribution of Technicians with respect to research/publications where criteria are met
  • Facilities and Estates to Involve Technicians where appropriate at planning stages of any projects that involve structural changes
  • Provide opportunities for Technician introductions during fresher’s/induction/during practical sessions for each year
  • Collaborate with other HEIs to share ideas and to provide networking/support opportunities


  • Encourage Professional Registration; provide funding for initial registration period
  • Review pay/reward structures
  • Develop an Awards Scheme

Career Development

  • Establish a Mentoring Scheme for Technicians
  • Develop a University wide Career Pathways framework which will include all job families including Technicians
  • Invest in and pilot the CATTs HEaTED software in support of career progression


  • Develop a Technicians Technical Skills Matrix at team/departmental/ faculty levels to support updating of skills, enable sharing of skills/knowledge, application of skills/shadowing others, broadening skills and proactively developing staff in their roles and in support of career progression
  • To facilitate succession planning, vacancies are to be advertised initially internally where appropriate
  • Establish a Training database of upcoming training for Technicians
  • Fully Integrate Apprenticeships into the employment lifecycle of Technicians i.e. not just at the recruitment stage
  • HEaTED membership