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I know for a fact I wouldn’t be as confident in my work today if it wasn’t for the building blocks put in place by my Religious Studies BA and MA and the amazing lecturers at the University of Chester
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I studied for a BA in Religious Studies between 2009-12 and went straight into my MA in Religious Studies the year after that. The courses looked at a broad range of religious perspectives, including studies of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Christian Theology. Alongside this we studied ethical and philosophical approaches. It helps for my current role that one module focused on Medical Ethics!

After a brief period teaching, I joined the NHS as a Transformation Project Officer, where I still am today. The role is varied and involves, at its core, improving the services offered in healthcare within the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust. I can go from training others in the basis of Quality Improvement one morning, to scoping projects and leading transformations in the afternoon. Patients are obviously a focus of this role and having an understanding of the many different cultures, values and beliefs that patients – and colleagues – may hold is invaluable to ensuring we can obtain the best results possible for the service.