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They are aware that the range of interpretations is vast, and they are simply interested in mapping that range. As well as having expertise in human health and the study of religion and spirituality, the team is experienced in working with people in recovery.


Dr Wendy Dossett – Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Chester


Professor John Stoner – Professor of Addiction, Recovery and Spirituality at the University of Chester and Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Research into the Environment and Health, University of Aberystwyth.


The project team are asking volunteers with six months or more clean time or sobriety to fill in a short questionnaire. Participants may receive a twenty minute phone call from a member of the project team, to talk about their answers in greater depth. If you would like to volunteer to participate in this study, please send an email to Please include the email address of a fellowship member or counsellor who knows that your length of clean time/sobriety is six months or longer, and is willing to vouch for this. Please ask their permission first before including their address. More information on what to expect.


"The UK Recovery Walk Charity is delighted to see the development of the Higher Power Project at the University of Chester. As recovering people, we know that the process an addicted individual goes through towards accepting their powerlessness over substances is one that is commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted by outsiders. So often this process is interpreted as either an avoidance of personal responsibility for one’s choices and behaviour, and/or a religious conversion. Paradoxically, it is the antithesis of both. The Higher Power Project has already gone some way towards correcting this perception by voicing ordinary people in recovery, and we look forward to the ongoing development of this academic research project as new themes are explored. We are very grateful that this work has started and look forward to more insight, consciousness and understanding as a result". Annemarie Ward – Director: UK Recovery Walk Charity SC043961