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Dr. Wendy Dossett, The Higher Power Project, Sir Halley Stewart Trust (£26,000)

Dr. Ben Fulford, “God’s Patience and our work: Hans Frei on freedom and modern theology” Santander International Research Excellence Award (£1000)

Prof. Elaine Graham, “Widening Participation within Faith-Based Professional Doctorates”, University Research Grants Scheme (£2,500)

Prof. Paul Middleton, “Sexuality and Anglican Identities”, Church Universities Fund (£20,000)

Prof. Wayne Morris, “A Story of Resilience: An Exploration of the Survival and Evolution of Welsh Language, Culture and Religion in Patagonia”, Santander International Research Excellence Award (£1000)

Prof. Wayne Morris, “Welsh Practical and Contextual Theology”, Bible Society (£1000)

Dr. Dawn Llewellyn, “Churching”, BSA SocRel (£4,300)

Prof. Oliver Scharbrodt, ““Karbala in London” - Transnational Shia Networks between Britain and the Middle East”, Gerda Henkel Foundation (£210,000)

Dr. Caroline Tee, “A Hermeneutics of Civic Engagement? Reading the Qur’an and Sunna in British Islam”, Templeton Religion Trust (£151,599)

Dr. Alana Vincent, “Narratives of Post-Memory in Octavia Butler’s Earthseed”, Huntington Library, Los Angeles (US$3000)

Dr. Alana Vincent, “British Ritual Innovation under Covid-19”, Arts & Humanities Research Council (£200,000)

Dr. Alana Vincent and Dr. Jonathan Greenaway, “Gothic Heresy: Investigating Religious Experience and Religious Knowledge in Contemporary Horror”, Templeton Religion Trust (£163,000)