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In these 50 minutes, I introduced the topic of Situation Ethics and promoted studying Theology and Religious Studies at University, and the department at Chester. I started the lesson off with a relaxed class discussion by asking the class ‘is moral behaviour about following rules or working things out for ourselves?’ I moved us from this on to the context of Joseph Fletcher and the development of situation ethics. The students followed what I was saying by the help of a revision sheet, from the TES website, which I had amended. To ease them into the topic I had made them each a list of key terms they may have never heard of before this lesson, such as ‘consequential’ and ‘agape.’ I then explained the differences between legalistic ethics, antinomianism ethics and situation ethics.  Understandably, this took the students a while to grasp. To overcome this, we made the acronym for antinomianism by recognising ‘no’ in the word, so they could identify this as ‘no ethical laws’. By the end of the lesson they understood that situation ethics was the middle way. I was pleased with the understanding they demonstrated in discussion. 

Having taught some of the A level curriculum, I then presented a PowerPoint about studying Theology and Religious studies at University. This was beneficial because these students are still thinking about their future steps at a university. I am extremely passionate about Theology and Religious Studies and the support from my department in Chester, so I think I made a good impression to the students of the subject. One student is applying to study at my university so I also had the chance to tell them about accommodation and general University life.

Overall, the lesson went marvellously, despite the little time we had to get through a new topic and a PowerPoint. The thrill I received at the end of the lesson was what I had worked for. I am so grateful for the experiences that the Theology and Religious Studies department at the University of Chester have given me, since it has confirmed that teaching is the right career path for me. The feedback from the head of department at my placement school has encouraged me to work harder to promote Religious Studies and to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.