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30 minute lecture plus anonymous Q&A in the chat (audience neither seen or heard). Every Tuesday 4.00pm-4.50pm. Please email for the link to the series, giving name and address of your school. 

If you make use of these lectures, please do mention them on Twitter, tagging us @TRSChester and using the hashtag #AlevelRSWebinar.

20th April The ethics of allocating health care in a pandemic: Kantian, utilitarian, and Christian approaches - Prof David Clough

David teaches Christian theology and ethics and is a leading international scholar on Christianity and animals. He founded CreatureKind and DefaultVeg to work for practical changes in the consumption of animals.

27th April Did Jesus rise from the dead? - Prof Paul Middleton

Paul is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity. He specialises in martyrdom and violence in the ancient and modern world.

4th May Is Liberation Theology just for Christians? - Dr Alana Vincent

Alana is Associate Professor of Jewish Philosophy, Religion and Imagination. She specialises in modern Jewish philosophy.

11th May “It’s wrong so don’t do it!” – An Introduction to Metaethics - Dr Dhivan Jones

Dhivan teaches philosophy, Buddhism and Hinduism. He researches early Buddhist philosophy. He also leads Buddhist meditation retreats.

18th May Is Bonhoeffer’s theology relevant today? - Jonathan Dunn

Jonathan is Lecturer in Theological Ethics and teaches on modules in Christian Ethics and Theology. His research examines the interaction between Christian eschatology and social and political ethics.

25th May Symbol, metaphor and story in religious language - Dr Ben Fulford

Ben is Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology and specialises in modern and historical Christian Theology.

1st June Is God male? - Dr Hannah Bacon

Hannah is Associate Professor in Feminist Theology. She specialises in Christian Thought, especially around sin and salvation and how it intersects with the lives of women.

8th June The Qur’an as a Source of Religious Authority - Dr Amin El Yousfi

Amin is an anthropologist who researches the intersection of Islam and politics. He is currently a Research Associate exploring the interpretation of the Qur’an in the UK.

15th June Is Mindfulness Buddhist? - Dr Wendy Dossett

Wendy is Associate Professor of Religious Studies. She specialises in Buddhism, Religious Education, RS methodology, and spirituality and health. She is an A level examiner and textbook writer.

22nd June “There has never been only one form of family” (Rosemary Radford Ruether): Christianity, Religious Change, and the Family - Dr Dawn Llewellyn

Dawn is Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies and teaches Religious Studies, Sociology of Religion, and Religion and Gender. She is a qualitative researcher, focusing on gender and contemporary Christianity.

29th June Islam and Secularism - Dr Caroline Tee

Caroline is Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies and is an anthropologist of religion focusing on Islam in contemporary Turkey.

6th July Is there a Cosmic Designer? - Dr Steve Knowles

Steve is Senior Lecturer in Religion and Popular Culture. He specialises in contemporary apocalyptic ideologies.