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Visiting Professor of Theology and Medicine


BA, MB, ChB, MA, MTh, MSc, MD, FRCP.


Medical Background

I qualified in Medicine at Aberdeen in 1974, with a prize for research in the pharmacology of asthma. Initially a junior cardiothoracic surgeon, I then taught human physiology to undergraduates at Clare College, Cambridge.

Appointed Lecturer in Physiology at Guy's Hospital Medical School in the University of London, I began research in the hormonal regulation of human metabolism which later centred on diabetes, and which led to a Master's degree in Clinical Biochemistry from Surrey, and a Doctorate in Physiology from Cambridge.

At the Guildford hospitals, I was Registrar and trained as a pathologist. In 1986 I was appointed Senior Lecturer in Pathology at the University of St.Andrews, and in 1993 also was appointed Consultant Chemical Pathologist to the Fife hospitals. In 1999 I additionally was appointed to the General Medical Council.

Theological Background

My preparation for ordination in the Church of England was at Westcott House and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, where I took a degree in Biblical Languages and Theology, and patristics.

As a curate in Southwark diocese I decided to become a worker priest, and so was moved from my parish to become honorary Minor Canon of Southwark Cathedral, where I also taught theology for the Southwark Ordination Course and was involved in the pastoral care of the choir. 

On appointment to St. Andrews, I also became Anglican Chaplain, and remained there for 16 years. While there, I took a Master's degree in Ethics at New College, Edinburgh, specialising in philosophical aspects of medical ethics, and the moral theologies of Karl Barth and Stanley Hauerwas. In 2002 I was appointed Dean of Chester by the Crown.

Interests and Links

Continued activity in the General Medical Council, and the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Pathologists, ensures my engagement with practical medical ethical issues.

As a member of the Society of Ordained Scientists for many years, I seek to promote high-quality science/religion dialogue and debate at all levels, particularly in sixth forms and universities.

My membership of the Anglican Centre in Rome signals my commitment to ecumenical dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church.