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The department welcomes inquiries from potential research students in any aspect of contextual, practical and public and political theologies, with particular expertise in feminist theologies.

The department has experts working in these areas and their specialist research interests are detailed below. Please do make contact with one of the scholars listed here if you are interested in pursuing a research degree with them. Alternatively, for more general enquiries, please contact

Professor Hannah Bacon

Hannah Bacon’s research particularly focuses on:

  • Feminist theologies
  • Body theologies
  • Feminist qualitative research on commercial dieting contexts
  • Feminist engagements with Christian doctrine (e.g. Trinity, Incarnation)

Professor Wayne Morris

With broad research interests in contextual and practical theologies, Wayne Morris' research particularly focuses on:

  • Disability theologies
  • Deaf theologies
  • Theologies of salvation
  • Theology and inter-faith questions