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 A part-time PhD student and  sci-fi enthusiast, I have interests in process studies, process theology, post/human and transhuman studies, futures studies and the philosophy of technology.
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My research is an examination of mythopoeic processes within popular culture.  I am exploring the way that science fiction narratives construct and transform ideas about the nature of technology, God and the relationship between both (techno-theological ontologies). 

Using principles and concepts first developed in the fields of process philosophy and process theology I aim to develop a mythoanalytic approach (or process mythography) for interrogating both mythic narratives and those not conventionally though of as myths. Process serves as a starting position for appraising alternate ontologies and also for relating and accounting for technology, theology and popular culture in terms of one another. 

In addition to my part time research studies at Chester I'm also employed as a health informatician within the NHS with experience of classification, coding, infectious disease surveillance and data management.