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At Chester, we always put our students first and aim to make things as straightforward as possible for you. All of our accommodation is:

  • Guaranteed, if you have selected the University of Chester as your Firm choice and apply by the deadline;
  • Secure, with our friendly Residential Life team and porters always on hand, and with flexible contracts during the uncertainty of the pandemic;
  • Easy, our accommodation is well-located for both campus and local life, putting you right at the heart of everything, and comes with convenient catering options.

So how to choose what to apply for? We have many different residences, but when it comes to applying, you simply need to pick your preferred board type, so it’s really straightforward. This means having a think about what will suit your taste and budget. The different options on offer are:

  1. Full Board

    Full board accommodation is super convenient. It’s centrally located, has en-suite facilities, and all your meals are provided at our bright and modern catering outlet nearby. With shared common spaces and facilities for making drinks and snacks, this is a great option for those who like to spend time socialising but without the hassle of food shopping and cooking.

  2. Self-Catered

    We offer lots of different self-catered residences, each with shared kitchen facilities - perfect if you like idea of cooking your own meals alongside a few housemates. You can choose between en-suite or shared bathroom facilities.

  3. Self-Catered Studio Flat

    Our University-owned studio option is Grosvenor House, offering spacious, fully-equipped rooms with en-suite bathrooms and kitchenettes. This is the perfect option if you like the luxury of your own space and the flexibility to make your own meals. Grosvenor House has a large communal area and is right at the heart of our Exton Park (Parkgate Road) site, so you won’t miss a thing!

  4. Partnership Accommodation

    In Chester and Shrewsbury, we work with selected private providers who offer a mix of studios and self-catered en-suite flat shares. This is a great option for those who want modern facilities with the convenience of city or town-centre amenities right on the doorstep. Your experience will be much the same as University accommodation in that you will be placed with other students from the University. However, please note that partnership accommodation is not owned by the University and as such your contract would be with our chosen private provider.

Applying through Clearing?

If you are applying through Clearing for September 2021, we are pleased to confirm that we can guarantee you a room in either University or partnership accommodation. However, please be aware that not all of the types of accommodation listed above will be available, due to demand from pre-Clearing applicants. We can offer self-catered standard and full-board en-suite rooms which will be available across a range of University owned accommodation buildings, along with self-catered en-suite rooms and studio flats in our partnership accommodation in Chester. Please be aware that while there will be other options shown on the online application form and you are welcome to select these, they are most likely to be unavailable at this stage in the year.

What's Included?

All University accommodation comes fully furnished and includes bills, cleaning and broadband at no extra cost – so you can focus on what matters. All you need to bring is your bedding and those little extras that will make you feel at home. If you are allocated partnership accommodation, please keep in mind that your contract will be with the partner and what’s included may be different to what is included with University accommodation.

Check our FAQs page for further details about what’s provided in your room, cleaning arrangements and how long your contract will run for.

Catering Options

If you like the sound of having your own facilities but don’t want to cook all the time, we offer a variety of meal schemes at our on-site catering outlets. This means you can enjoy tasty and healthy meals prepared by our award-winning chefs on a regular basis, paid for on a termly basis which saves you money and makes it easier to budget too. We also offer handy click-and-collect service to all students, for when you just want to eat something on the run or fancy a take-out.

Please note that not all of the above options are available at all of our sites. You can check the Our Residences page to filter options for Chester and Warrington, and visit the University Centre Shrewsbury website for full details of accommodation on offer there.

Contact Information

Chester and Shrewsbury Accommodation Office

Warrington Accommodation Office