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We offer accommodation that is guaranteed, secure and easy.


If University Centre Shrewsbury is your Firm choice, we can guarantee you a room in our partnership accommodation - so that’s one less thing to worry about.


Everybody wants to feel safe and secure and not worry too much about some of the uncertainties of life. At Shrewsbury, we’ll ensure you don’t have to worry. Our Residential Advisor and the Concierge Team will help you to settle in and keep you safe around the clock.


The accommodation is located in Shrewsbury town centre and a five-minute walk to Guildhall, where you’ll have your lectures. It’s an ideal location for getting the best out of your university experience and not to mention brilliant for when you just want to eat some food on the run or fancy a takeout.

Our accommodation is owned and managed by Shropshire Council but your application for a room is made to the University.

We work with local landlords and estate agents to try and meet the needs for students in the private sector please look at the following website for current properties in the Shrewsbury area and contact for further information and advice.