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We use StudentPad to advertise all private sector properties.  All properties on the University of Chester pages are currently accredited / approved or "student stamped" by the local authority housing team. The website will be updated on a regular basis so please keep checking for any changes or new adverts to appear.

To view the properties visit:

Please note: Students must contact the Landlords directly to arrange a viewing and not approach the students currently living in the properties.

We would recommend that before students sign any agreements or contracts that they thoroughly check the contents as this is a legally binding contract and will prove very difficult to get out off.  Please ensure when handing money over landlords you receive a receipt for each transaction. 

The Students’ Union are available for advice on the subjects above. 

We understand that students are told to start looking for accommodation from November / December onwards but we, along with the Students' Union, do not recommend this as it's far too early. Far more properties are available to choose from in the spring.

Private Sector Landlord Information

To advertise on the University Studentpad website all properties need to be appropriately credited and have up to date gas safety certificates. The University works closely with the Cheshire West and Cheshire Council with regards to Private Sector Housing for students. In 2018, the phasing out of the Student Stamp scheme began with the move to the Cheshire Landlord Accreditation scheme (CLAS). At present we are currently in the transition stage and any valid Student Stamp accreditation will be valid until the expiry date. For further information on the Cheshire Landlord Acreditation Scheme please follow the appropriate links below:

Landlords with Current Valid Student Stamp Accreditation

The University will continue to honour the Student Stamp and the benefits that came with it, including the advertising fees. Once the Student Stamp has expired, Landlords must upload a copy of the CLAS accreditation and make the appropriate advertisement fee as allocated in the information below.

Landlords without a valid Student Stamp Accreditation

To advertise with the University you will need a copy a copy of your current Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme certificate and gas safety certificate. Once uploaded you will be required to pay the appropriate advertisement fee as indicated below:



Landlord with 1 Property


Landlord with 2+ Properties

£30 per property advertised

Lettings Agencies

£600 ( whole portfolio)

Hall Providers  ( 1 Property)


Hall Providers ( 2 Properties)


Hall Providers (3+ properties)


Once the appropriate payment and certification is made available, the Residential Living Team will make your property live on the system.

If you have any queries please contact the Residential Living Team via

New Landlords

To register an interest in advertising on the Chester University Studentpad website, please click on the following link:

For further information on the Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme please visit to the following page:


Contact Information

Chester Residential Living Office

Warrington Residential Living Office