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There are a range of additional funding options available, should you require assistance.

Advisory Services Offered by Wellbeing and Mental Health

If you are a student with special circumstances, you may find it helpful to discuss your financial arrangements with our Wellbeing Advisers in Wellbeing and Mental Health. They may be able to suggest ways you can get financial help.

Financial Assistance Fund (FAF)

If you get into financial difficulties while completing your course, you may be eligible for financial help from the Financial Assistance Fund which is administered by the Student Support Funds Officers in Student Services. Financial Assistance Fund awards are given to students and are not repayable. Please look on the Portal at for more information about the application process and eligibility.  You can see the terms and conditions online.

Turn2Us Grants Search

Financial assistance and other forms of support are often available from grant-giving organisations, depending on your particular background and circumstances. The grants search contains a database of over 3,500 charitable funds offering welfare and educational grants.

Students are excluded from the site’s Benefits Checker.

Delayed Funding Loans

Delayed Funding Loans are specifically for students who haven't got their funding arrangements in place. This situation is caused by students applying late or admin/communication problems with Student Finance England (or other funding authorities). Delayed Funding Loans are for urgent, short-term cash flow problems and have to be paid back to the University.

Help for Students with Children or Dependants

If you have children or adult dependants, you may be eligible to apply for an Adult Dependants' Grant. You should apply for a Childcare Grant at the same time as applying for a Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance (England). Students with dependent children may also be entitled to claim Child Tax Credit from HM Revenue & Customs and a Parent’s Learning Allowance to help with course-related costs.

Help for Students with Disabilities

If you are a full-time or part-time student with a disability, mental health difficulties or specific learning difficulties, you can apply for a Disabled Students' Allowance (DSAs). You will have to provide medical proof of your disability such as a letter from your doctor or a specialist. The DSAs is paid on top of the other student packages and does not need to be repaid.

Please contact one of our Disability Support Officers for advice.

Open Days / Interview / Audition Day Travel Bursary

If you are attending an Open Day or an Interview/Audition Day and are either eligible for free school meals/pupil premium or are a ‘Looked After Child’/been in local authority care or are a young carer yourself, then you may be eligible to claim up to £100 towards your, and one guest's, travel costs through our Travel Bursary.