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We appreciate that the decision of where to study can sometimes be a tough one and that the process for applying can occasionally be a little puzzling. In this section, you’ll find additional information about the application process and the terminology used. This should hopefully clear up anything you might be unsure about.

Visit Us

Throughout the application process, we offer a number of opportunities for you to be able to visit us and find out more about the University.  Open Days give you an opportunity to visit the University before applying, whilst our Experience Days offer you the chance to find out more about your course following an application.

Jargon Buster

Throughout your application, you might be wondering what certain words and phrases mean. For a list of UCAS terms explained, please refer to the UCAS website.

Undergraduate Admissions Policy

The University of Chester is committed to providing you with a high quality service with an advice driven approach, we ensure all our applications are considered equally and fairly under the terms of our Undergraduate Admissions Policy.

Postgraduate Admissions Policy

This policy applies to all applications to postgraduate and PGCE courses at the University of Chester, from Home and EU applicants - Postgraduate Admissions Policy.

Contextualised Admissions Policy

Contextualised admissions is defined as information and data used by universities and colleges, to assess an applicant’s prior attainment and potential, in the context of their individual circumstances. As a University we are keen to encourage students from a wide range of backgrounds to participate in higher education and the additional information gained through contextual data/information allows us to recognise a student’s achievements and identify their potential to succeed in the context of their background and experience.  Further information can be found in our Contextual Admissions Policy.

Complaints and Appeals Process for Applicants

The University recognises that there may be occasions or circumstances in which an applicant feels that their application has not been dealt with properly or they may be unhappy with an admissions decision, and our complaints and appeals procedure is outlined in this document Complaints and Appeals Process for Applicants.


If you have any queries about applying to Chester, our FAQs might be able to help.

Here to Help

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you any queries relating to your application. We are always happy to help. The UCAS website also has a wealth of information on the application process. You can also follow UCAS on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates throughout the cycle.

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