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Start Date
September, 2018
3 Years
Learning Site
Warrington Campus

Those engaged in sport development devise ways of enabling individuals to start, stay and succeed in sport. In essence much of the sport development process is about promoting positive behaviour change (e.g. from inactivity to activity) and creating a supportive environment for this change to occur. It is therefore imperative that professionals working in this area have the appropriate underpinning knowledge and skill to enable this process. We provide you with the knowledge and skills required for employment within the sport industry.

Why Study Sport Development with us?

The Sport Development course at Warrington is designed to produce ‘thinking practitioners’.

The course is based on robust academic underpinnings but also has a strong vocational focus and looks to both embed and then refine the important transferable skills required by employers in a variety of sport-related industries. The programme has been endorsed by SkillsActive and The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

There are also opportunities to gain additional vocational qualifications (e.g. First Aid) and National Governing Body (NGB) awards relevant to industry needs.